Oleg Berezin Heads Kinoalliance Non-Profit Partnership
Oleg Berezin Heads Kinoalliance Non-Profit Partnership


Towards the end of November 2011, Oleg Berezin, managing director of Nevafilm, was elected president and chairman of the advisory board for the Kinoalliance non-profit partnership.

As part of his new role, he will oversee the work of various committees, draw up organization policy on a range of issues related to the running of cinemas, and also coordinate all aspects of the transition to digital screens.

On 21 November 2011, Berezin represented Kinoalliance - the largest association of film exhibitors in Russia - at a meeting of The Governmental Council for the Development of Russian Cinematography, under the chairmanship of Vladimir Putin, prime minister of the Russian Federation.

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