Russia reaches 1 Kilozal
Russia reaches 1 Kilozal


According to the latest figures from Nevafilm Research, the quantity of digital screens in Russia can now be measured in a new type of unit the Kilozal* (KZ). As at 01 April 2011, there are 1031 digital screens in Russia, or 1.031 KZ, across 558 cinemas in 215 towns & cities. Already 3 out of 5 modern cinemas (63%), and 2 out of 5 screens (41%) are fitted with digital equipment; out of those, only 7 digital screens are not capable of showing 3D films.

The Druzhba cinema in the city of Ryazan became the lucky owner of the 1000th digital projector in the country in mid-March 2011.

For more information on the growth of digital projection in Russia, see the report entitled Digital Distribution in Russia: 2010 Results.

* from the Russian word kinozal: kino meaning cinema and zal meaning hall, or in this case screen

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