Russians love 3D, but wont pay a premium for it
Russians love 3D, but wont pay a premium for it


According to the latest all-Russian research report from the Russian Public Opinion Research Centre (VCIOM), which was undertaken on the 19 & 20 February 2011:

26% of Russians regularly go to the cinema;
2/3rds of cinemagoers have seen 3D films, with the majority of them enjoying the experience;
the most widely seen 3D film was Avatar, with 35% of those questioned having seen it
Russians consider the use of 3D technology appropriate in fantasy films (53%), and animation (45%);
the least appropriate genres for the use of 3D are detective-mystery and documentary (5%), romance (4%), erotica (3%) and drama (2%);
only 27% of Russians are currently prepared to pay more to see a 3D film

1600 people were involved in the questionnaire, from 138 towns across 46 regions of Russia. The statistics allow for an error margin of no more than 3.4%.

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